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Truth about Coachella; Boobs; Capital (video)

TIME DUMP:; Dev, CC Liu, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which takes place on the lawn of the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, was first launched in 1999 by Paul Tollett.

After a one-year break, it returned in 2001. It was an uphill battle to get the fest off the ground.

But just a few years later, Coachella managed to solidify itself as one of the biggest live music events in the world.

In 2015, it earned over $84 million and broke records with 198,000 tickets sold. That was its fourth year as a two-weekend event, and it's continued growing since. Despite Coachella's popularity, the fest holds many secrets. More

Big boobs sell to bigger boobs

Heidi Parker/
Boob, me?
Ryan Seacrest-funded attention-wh*r* Kim Kardashian looks barely legal in a netted outfit and no bra for date night with Kanye. Kim Kardashian has been using various crafty ways to show off her 36-year-old post-baby breasts this month.

WARNING: PG rated! Do not enlarge!
And the reality TV darling may have come across her most successful method on Wednesday evening as she stepped out for a dinner date with Kanye West in Beverly Hills, California. The mother of North [West] and Saint [Kardashian] put her less  than modest bust on display as she modeled a strategically ripped see-through netted top, showing off her perfect (no baby) tummy in the process. Graphic photos (Comments)
Consumer Capitalism $ 
CAPITALISM ( is an impressive six-part series that explains money and economics. It does so through an interdisciplinary approach exploring the work of great thinkers. Economics, or "how money works," is embedded in social, political, and historical contexts. The series is great as a whole yet each episode stands alone. It features some of the world's top economists, historians, anthropologists, and sociologists, including: Thomas Piketty, Noam Chomsky, Yanis Varoufakis, Nicholas Phillipson, Kari Polanyi Levitt, David Graeber, and Abraham Rotstei.

(TJDS) Starting at Min. 1:10, Mark Blyth explains Brexit, Trump, and collapse of capitalism. Blyth uses clear language (in a great Scottish accent) to talk about globalization. Capitalism is failing people throughout the world. More Trumps are on the way.

Red Cry: Ancient Native Americans (video)

Raping beauty into the Natives...for God.
In 1492 the indigenous Arawak people of the Caribbean Islands encountered Christopher Columbus of Spain. Columbus wrote in his log: "They would make fine servants... With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want."

Columbus proceeded to unleash a reign of European terror unlike anything seen before. When he was finished, eight million Arawaks had been exterminated by torture, murder, forced labor, starvation, disease, and utter despair.
We're here to steal this property. - Property?
Columbus' atrocities, with cross and sword [though he himself was an indebted Jewish convert to Catholicism], were justified by the Christian doctrine of "divine discovery" and set religious and legal precedent for the invasion and genocide of America's indigenous peoples... for the next 500 years and beyond.

They steal from us and kill us.
By 1650 a precarious relationship between the First Nations (Native Americans) of the East Coast of North America and New England colonies was collapsing into slaughter and enslavement of Native people by British and other European settlers who wanted more land and wealth for themselves.

Most of the English colonies sanctioned and encouraged the scalping (skinning of) Indians. In 1776, the United States gave birth to the first 13 states on land taken through the ethnic cleansing of dozens of Native American tribes.

The Declaration of Independence further enshrined the belief of Euro-American settlers' supremacy by declaring Native peoples to be "merciless Indian savages" while it was those enshrining this theft in law who were the merciless.
The Europeans from Spain cleared the way.
In 1787, the new "United States" adopted its Constitution. Article 6 established treaties as the supreme "law of the land." Despite this supreme law, however, treaties with sovereign Native First Nations became slippery promises, easily broken whenever it was convenient.

In 1823, in the case of Johnson and Graham's Lessee v. McIntosh, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the First Nation people's right of occupancy was subordinate to the United States divine right of discovery.

Indigenous history book (Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz)
"The United States has unequivocally agreed...that discovery gave an exclusive right to extinguish the Indian title of occupancy."

This landmark ruling provided legal cover for governmental policies that would claim white Euro-Christian supremacy as justification for stealing indigenous lands and for the genocide of Native peoples.

In 1849, the California Gold Rush triggered the mass western migration of settlers putting them in direct conflict with existing indigenous nations. More:

Criminalizing U.S. critics of Israel (video)

Amy Goodman (, 7-21-17);;; Sheldon S., Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
The BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions) Movement (

Criminalizing critics of Israel: Congress considers bills to fine and jail backers of BDS
BDS Movement:
U.S. lawmakers are seeking to criminally outlaw support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against [CIA-backed] Israel.

If a proposed bipartisan law is passed, backers of BDS could face up to 20 years in prison and a million-dollar fine.

Democracy Now! speaks to Rabbi Joseph Berman of Jewish Voice for Peace and Ryan Grim of The Intercept.

His latest article is titled "U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel."
TRANSCRIPT Shine a Light on Gaza (
Top stories (
HOST AMY GOODMAN: Civil rights groups are warning a pair of bipartisan bills targeting boycotts of Israel and Israeli settlements [in Palestine] would criminalize free speech and peaceful protest.

The Israel Anti-Boycott Act would make it a felony for U.S. citizens to support boycotts of Israel and Israeli settlements, punishable by at least a $250,000 fine, with a maximum penalty of a fine of $1 million and 20 years in prison.

So far 46 senators -- 31 Republican, 15 Democrat -- and 234 Congress members, from both sides of the aisle, support the legislation.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC, reportedly helped craft the bill and has made its passage one of the group’s top lobbying priorities for the year.

In a letter Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, urged senators to oppose the bill’s passage. 

The ACLU wrote, "We take no position for or against the effort to boycott Israel or any foreign country, for that matter. However, we do assert that the government cannot, consistent with the First Amendment, punish U.S. persons based solely on their expressed political beliefs." More ()

Take Action: Pro-Israel attack on US freedom

Born Jewish...practicing Buddhist
One of the most recent, and most pernicious, pieces of anti-boycott, divestment, sanctions legislation at the federal level is getting renewed attention right now.

On July 18, the American Civil Liberties Union released a letter to the Senate and a letter to the House of Representatives, urging them to oppose the bill because it violates the Constitution and discriminates against people “for no reason other than their political beliefs.”

The Intercept published an article highlighting how “the criminalization of political speech and activism against Israel has become one of the gravest threats to free speech in the West.” Jewish Voice for Peace [with Wisdom Quarterly] opposes the legislation and has issued a backgrounder for engagement with Congress.
  • Jewish Voice for Peace ( is a national member-driven organization dedicated to a U.S. foreign policy based on peace, human rights, and respect for international law.
Future "felons" protesting Israel: Anti-Semites working for the ACLA and BDS Movement?

What does the bill actually do?
We've got the power. We've got to use it.
The Israel Anti-Boycott Act (S. 720/ H.R. 1697) is the latest, and most extreme, of a series of unconstitutional anti-boycott legislation at both the federal and state level.

The law aims to quell the movement for Palestinian rights by penalizing companies and individuals engaged in commerce for using the nonviolent tactics of boycott, divestment, and sanctions to hold Israel accountable for violations of Palestinian rights.

First introduced in March, this bill seeks to amend two laws -- the Export Administration Act of 1979 and the Export-Import Bank Act of 1945 -- to penalize companies that participate in boycotts, and to preempt efforts by international governmental organizations from complying with international law and calling for an end to trade with Israel’s settlements or companies that operate in the settlements.

Gonna be a good boy like Obama? - Better!
Of course, as the ACLU letter points out, millions of people and businesses do not do business with Israel for any number of reasons.

This law would only punish those whose lack of business-ties to Israel or the illegal settlements in Palestine is based on their political beliefs -- which is why it is discriminatory in addition to being a threat to free speech.
We must kill others to protect our children.
The bill opposes the creation of a database of Israeli settlement companies by the UN Human Rights Council and any efforts to boycott those companies’ products. The bill categorizes violations as felonies, and the potential penalties are steep: a minimum $250,000 civil penalty and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years imprisonment. 

What doesn’t the bill do?
I trusted the CIA's Ben "Bibi" Netanyahu.
It does not make it illegal to support the Palestinian-led call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions. It does not make it illegal for individual consumers to boycott Israeli or settlement products. 

While this legislation is horrible, it is important not to exaggerate the potential impacts of the legislation and thereby add to the chilling effect against advocacy for human rights in Palestine. More

Additional resources

Has Jared Kushner failed? (video)

Host Amy Goodman (, July 21, 2017); Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

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Humans arrived in Australia 20K years earlier

Tim Collins (Mail Online, 7-19-17); Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Who killed megafauna?
New date rewrites history of human migration out of Africa: Artifacts reveal humans arrived in Australia 20,000 years earlier and lived alongside giant kangaroos and tortoises
  • New research suggests humans arrived in Australia 65,000 years ago.
  • This would mean they lived alongside the continent's unique megafauna.
  • Some experts have argued that humans may have caused their extinction.
  • Researchers involved in study argues new evidence suggests this is not the case.
  • Not everyone is convinced, however, arguing that arriving on the continent early gave them more chance to wipe out the megafauna.

The story of humanity's [alleged] journey out of Africa and into the wider world may need to be rewritten thanks to new geological evidence.
Experts studying ancient artifacts in Australia say we must push back the date from which humans arrived by almost 20,000 years to 65,000 years ago.  
The discovery means that they would have lived alongside Australia's unique megafuana for tens of thousands of years.
The researchers involved in the study say it adds to evidence that humans did not wipe out the country's megafauna -- but not everyone is convinced. (Scroll down for video).

A new study has found that humans arrived in Australia  around 65,000 years ago, around 18,000 years earlier than one estimate. This graphic shows the movement of our ancestors based on the latest research
A new study has found that humans arrived in Australia around 65,000 years ago, around 18,000 years earlier than one estimate.

This graphic (at right) shows the movement of our human ancestors based on the latest research.
Huge "megafauna" [large animal] species once roamed around Australia. But around 85 per cent of these megafauna went extinct. Some of these animals included:
  • 1,000 pound kangaroos
  • 2-ton wombats
  • 25-foot-long lizards
  • 400-pound flightless birds
  • 300-pound marsupial lion
  • Volkswagen-sized tortoises
Around 45,000 years ago, huge 1,000 pound kangaroos, 2-ton wombats, and 25-foot long lizards roamed around Australia.

But within the space of 2,000 [years], 85 per cent of the country's large wildlife had been wiped out.
Whether humans were directly to blame or climate change has long been debated, and the latest study has reignited that debate.
An international team of researchers examined artifacts found at Madjedbebe, a rock shelter in Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory of Australia, which was home to early aboriginals when they arrived in Australia.
Over 10,000 stone tools, ochre colored "crayons," plant remains, and bones have been unearthed at the site since 1973.
A University of Queensland-led research team evaluated artifacts found in various layers of sediment, using advanced dating techniques. More + VIDEO